Like "I am on the Carb diet for good. My Doctor told me to stay on it and I intend to do so. Especially since Diabetes is not the only thing I have . I also was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease but the last blood test showed my kidneys to be completely healthy. I stay away from Dairy products not only because they are bad for the kidneys but I am allergic to them as well. I have had kidney disease since my 20's and it just got worse recently. I have read up on a lot of the diabetes reversing and it can be done. There are Shamans in South America who have helped a lot of people totally reverse their diabetes and they no longer have it. If you stay on a Carb Diet and eat the right fruits and vegetables and get to your high school weight it is reversible. Prayer also helps . I believe in the healing power of Jesus and know that I only have to ask and His will be done in my life. "