Like "You're preaching to the choir sweety...some people were helped..many more screwed over..I had to pay a fine because I couldn't afford the monthly premiums...with the rates that people are developing chronic illnesses in this country..and the cost of having one under obama care..I only expect things to get much sister was offered a job as a health writer for a New Jersey Newspaper ..she turned it down because because her medical care runs into the MILLIONS of dollars every year..but because she is profoundly disabled..she has medicare and Medicaid to cover her medical needs 100%..Now her son is type 1...She will never be able to work even as a writer (she has a PhD in English from NYU)...because her meds are mostly experimental.....or being prescribed for her even though they have not been approved for the purpose the doctors are using them....none of them are covered...(.the only reason they are paid for now is because she is classified a special case so the government picks up the cost.)and she has had at least a dozen experimental surgeries over the years..obama care has been useless to me ...useless to my sister and has screwed over all of my brothers to the point where my youngest brother, who campaigned for obama curses the day he first heard the mans name.."