Like "Hi Gabby, I have been where you are, I am confident that you will get where you want to be too, to because you are open minded and willing to think for your self.. Getting the extra weight off, I found to be key. Metformin does not cause weight gain, but every other diabetes drug I know of does cause weight gain. This was my problem too. I had lost all the weight and when my blood sugar refused to go down enough, I was given weight gaining drugs as metformin didn't work at all for me. I gained weight and my blood sugar went up more because of the weight gaining drugs. I found out that one can use long acting insulin (one shot per day) to lower blood sugar without drugs. I told my doctor I wanted it. Insulin can cause weight gain too. However, I learned to create my diet to be just what I needed to lose weight and then keep it off. Then the insulin made up the difference for me. When I lost all the weight, my blood sugar was still above normal, even on a low carb diet. My doctor told me that I was no longer insulin resistant (that is important) but I did not make enough insulin any more. some of my beta cells are damaged. I think this damage is a lot more common than the medical profession knows. The weight gaining drugs make it impossible to lose the weight. I hope my experience is helpful to you in some way."