Like "If you think that is rough, imagine living in Appalachia, where Mt. Dew is put in baby bottles. Most of those kids rot out their baby teeth. I think it was Diane Sawyer who did that human interest story and it was shocking. It's funny because I had one of these moments yesterday when I saw a dad with his 32 ounce Coke and his little son with an equally large Mello Yellow. I was sad too. It is hard not to care, and it's good that you do, because if someone asks (and they will) you can offer good sound advice. I have offered strangers my suggestions on things if they are standing indecisive in front of a row of foods if there is one that I particularly like or use. I have also asked people in the store who have bought a product I have been interested. And my cashiers get to hear of all of my latest things I am trying. They usually ask, and a gladly share. I actually was referred to a great herbal book by a shared moment based on herbs in my cart. So you never know. Don't freak out, just be you and you will find there are people who want to hear. I did have a lady one time tell me, unsolicited, that I should not be buying candy as we stood in the candy aisle (which was not for me but for a family member) So I have been on that receiving end in that way, and it's not fun. "