Like "agreed, no such ting as diabetic food. Eat what you want but in the correct portions. Try to stay away from high sugar foods. Stay away from Soda if possible. Best way that I found for me to loose weight (Over 110 lbs in last 2 years and still loosing) is to lower your carbs. Not cut them out completley, Just lower them. Learn to cook with fake sugar. I prefer splenda, but that is a personal descision. As for eating out, I look at food as slices of bread. A slice of bread has about 15 grams of carbs. So a bun on a hamburger is 30 g carbs. Root vegtebles are also need to be counted as carbs. Potatoes, Beets, Carrots. stuff like that. I have found that I have been eating more meat then I did before, The fat content is not that good for me, I know this but I make up for it by being extra carfull on the other items I choose to eat. I eat alot more greens then I did years ago. I read the nutricial information where possible when I am shopping. So in carb counting, think of it as 30-45-60 and you should loose weight. That is 30 g carbs in the morning, 45g carbs for lunch and 60 for dinner. Thinking of this as slices of bread, that is 2 slices worth of carbs, 3 slices worth of carbs and 4 slices worth of carbs. This is what works for me. Hope this gives you an idea of how I do this. "