Like "There is no such thing as Diabetic food. Just choices in food that are better for a Diabetic eating plan. Nothing is off limits if you plan for it. If you are eating out, look for baked, broiled meats, vegetables, salads, whole grains.. It's sometimes tough to do but it is doable. I have been out to eat the last few nights and I am a vegetarian so I just asked the waiter if he could suggest some entrees that didn't include meat and he was great about it. I made my choices from his suggestions. A lot of eating out is self control really, we know we shouldn't load up on the starchy stuff. You can always ask if you can order things ala carte or order an appetizer (smaller serving) and a salad. There are ways around it all, knowledge is power so arm yourself with the all the information you can and you'll be fine. *Judy"