Like "My daughter just graduated from college in November, 2008. She, too, had to borrow student loans, because we did have a savings enough to help her. We did what we could, insurance covered her though, since she was in college. She,too, is very independent and won't take help unless it is absolutely necessary. She has 638.00 a month in loans alone, and finally found a good job, and started 2 weeks ago. Until then she worked wherever she could, whenever. She can't even afford an apartment yet, but is looking to get one, with her best friend. I go online every day to find a grant to help her. As for their future, all the money and time they have invested in a career may not have a social security at their retirement. The thought of that just upsets me so bad. I guess people are going to have to work as long as they possibly can, and save every penny they can from day one of their jobs. Especially the young ones just getting into the workforce."