Like "Hi Jeanette, I too use a Medtronic (just got a 530G with the Enlite sensor). I've been on a CGM for about 8 years and use the Medtronic Carelink software. Is that the software that you and your doctor use? One of the most important things is to look at small chunks of data, like less than 7 days to determine if there are any patterns that you see (e.g., do you always get low at night, does your blood sugar spike mid-afternoon, etc.). If you can recognize a pattern or trend (sometimes they are less than obvious) you can adjust your basal and/or bolus accordingly. I wish I could help more but not sure exactly what you are looking at when you state "the charts are confusing to read." Also, have you done any of the Carelink training videos? I believe they have one that is specific for the downloaded charts. Good luck. Mark"