Like "Like Gabby mentioned, thyroid problems are frequently seen in people with diabetes. I was dx'd with diabetes in 1976 and with hypothyroid in the mid 1980's. I've been on thyroid meds ever since then but the dosages have varied through the years as my body aged and changed. Many, many problems can develop because of an imbalance in thyroid hormone. I have been able to maintain my weight in the low 120 pound area even though I've been taking the thyroid meds. I do follow a low-carb diet which has helped not only maintain my weight but gives me better BG control. IMO, you need to get your thyroid levels back to normal. This can be accomplished either through meds or others have claimed that a nutritional approach might be the solution. There is much on the internet about this. I've opted to take the meds (levothyroxine in my case, a generic form of synthroid)."