Like "Joyce, I really have to say I admire your attitude a lot. I've always considered myself in that "weak" category. Very needy. Can't really do much on my own. A semi-helpless woman. I've spent the last five months working on my attitude, it's by no means where I want it to be, but it's changing. When my friend died in June, I decided no one is going to make me better but me. No therapist, no doctor, and certainly no friend. I started to get off the pity pot. (not so easy when you have bipolar) I choose to not make excuses for myself anymore (not always, sometimes i still do, and I try to catch those times), I choose to take care of my own health and educate myself so I can talk to my doctors and make smart decisions jointly with them. I choose to do things that are in MY best interest. Someday I hope to grow up a bit. Thanks for being the woman you are, and being an inspiration to me. HUGS, Heidi "