Like "Can certainly understand where you’re at right now. I lost a lot of friends, and nearly my wife at one point. My diagnosis was probably a blessing because at least I knew what triggered my mood swings. That said though, and sorry to be the lone dissenting voice here, but it wasn’t all “them”. Some folks made sidelong remarks as subtle hints I needed to change things up. From my long-term friends and acquaintances, those hints became less subtle as time grew on. At one point no one at work would approach me, and my wife was putting in extra hours just to keep from being in the same house. Yes, people can be rude, judgmental, and stupid, but at one point I had to own up to the fact that how I reacted to those people said a lot about me. Communication is a two-way street, and yes, I had to work on my reactions. It wasn’t all “me” but a lot was, and I’m a whole lot more happy (and feel a lot more loved) since I recognized that and made a few changes. "