Like "I don't agree. it is only frustrating if you choose to make it frustrating. It is like going to a buffet. If you were not diabetic would you eat every food item on the buffet? I choose what I eat. Last night I was at a pot luck dinner. There was a host of foods including dessert. I wanted some of a friends Mac and Cheese. I rarely eat that and he knows it. I did not eat any potato salad, no bread and no dessert because I wanted to eat some Mac and Cheese. Immediately after dinner we went to the Inner Harbor. After our motorcade parked, we had to walk a block, then back to the cars. to our location. I then had to walk a block through the building to another parking garage and half a block to the police station. I tested when I got home and my blood sugar was lower than I expected and I was fine. We choose to be angry, frustrated and many other things. I choose not to let the fact that there are foods I can't have on a menu bother me. It isn't worth it. "