Like "Well I finally got an appt with the PA at the Endo office tomorrow at 9AM. The nurse called me this morning to let me know the Dr wanted me to get checked for an infection. I told her my fasting was 342 and she ssked if I could go into my family doc or the immediate care dept of the clinic. I called the family doc and she told me to come in immediately. She was soooo mad at the Endo she personally called to set up an appt. Even with her calling they weren't able to get me in to see him so we settled for the PA. Ran another urine sample (had some bacteria and blood) and CBC. She then called in a prescription of antibiotic to the pharmacy just to be safe, started this afternoon. Will be waiting to see what kind of infection I've got. Since it's my little brothers birthday we did a little shopping and ran by his house to give him his presents. While we were there I stupidly took my lunch injection without checking my BG's first. I've been running high for so long I didn't even think. 71! I had some french fries and OJ and was able to get it back up to 120. Will be asking the PA tomorrow about sliding scale and hopefully this all means I'm on the mend. Definately learned that I have to make myself heard. "