Like "About a year ago I was finally able to loose a lot of weight. I have a couple of conditions and medications that make me gain weight and I have fought it all my life. Well I finally got down to 125 (at 5'5 that's the low end of my BMI) hoping I could go off some meds. I looked like a skeleton and my poor cheeckbones stuck out about a mile! I was able to go off all the cholesterol and blood pressure meds but still have to take the others. I've since gained back 35lbs and am still off of the cholesterol and blood pressure meds but my nephew no longer calls me shekletor lol. You know your body better than any chart...if 35lbs seems like too much start with a lower goal. I would like to loose about another 10 to be at the 150 mark but that's just me. I felt good at that number. I've been as high as 342 and as low as 92. The yo-yo dieting just seemed to make me feel worse. As long as you eat healthy and get moderate exercise don't worry so much about that stupid BMI chart."