Like "Howdy Anon I note you're seeing a specialist (what kind?) that is good! Actually when I got myself straightened out and was not half sick most of the time I felt really good, energized, healthy. I had started on a meal plan where I was able to discontinue my twice daily NPH injections. I did that by eating a low carb and high protein meal plan. I did away with all breads or anything made with grain. I am not sure but I think I had a bit of celiac disease going on with my body which made me out of sorts. Diabetes and celiac are often linked. I note you are eating low fat. That may be a problem as often that means no meat. I do not believe a human body was intended to live on just vegetables. If you are trying to cut out the fat due to worries about cholesterol and potential heart problems, generally speaking dietary fat intake is not the source of cholesterol and other blood lipids, grains are. The stiffening pain may well be inflammation. Lack of energy could be for any number of reasons from some other disease or syndrome to even a lack of certain kinds of vitamins like B 12. No I do not think that this is "normal". If you can see if you can get your appointment moved up. Let the Dr's office know you can fill in for a missed appointment (that is if you have the time flexability to do that). The sooner you get the Dr to look at you and do some testing the better. Praying for improving health for us all James "