Like "My name is Glen Nelson. I have been using the V-Go for almost a year. It helps but I am very resistance. I use it and Lantus. I am using the V-Go 40 - Anyone that would like to discuss feel free to call me at 865-985-8346 - I will be glad to discuss anything I can. The biggest issues are sticky stuff, shaving, bruises, bubbles. It does not always function as it should and I have had quite a few nasty discussions with my Endo and the Support for V-Go - they say if you get bubbles you have to throw it away - I have figured a way to get rid of most of the bubbles and also if I can's I can retrieve the existing insulin back to the vial and keep it. It is a spring loaded machine that puts around 2 units and hours into your system and you can put in 2 more up to 36 - I do not have a good memory so I can't quote the numbers - I just know that I end up with some left over and sometime I run short. It sometimes bleeds into it making it not work. It helps some and I have hung in there - I do not take my bs reading very good. I am not a good candidate for pump - I was diagnosed with T2 in 1981 - I have burnout - I am 62 - 63 on the 27th and kinda have lost my care. I have seen so little research done and I am frustrated at the lack of anything done by medical professionals and researchers it makes me sick - blame blame blame - I was not overweight when diagnosed - until I started on insulin - insulin causes weight gain - they will tell you 10000 things but Insulin causes the weight gain as it is a hormone. I can take all the food away and it still causes weight gain. I went out and tried to get the horrible disease and I try real hard to keep it. I am so sick of the stupid NP's - can't see MD's anymore. I promise not to be sarcastic if you call - I carry my cell phone with me so call. If I can't take the call - I will set up something for later <3"