Like "Hi Stuart, I am sorry but I just don't have many answers for you. I passed out they told me it took a lot to bring me out of it. Even more to bring ,me up to a normal level. I don't know what kind of meter it is a nd yes they used alcohol to clean my finger. My Nurse, who on is also the charge nurse at night. Is the one who did my Bg. I do eat proteon through the day. My carbs I keep around 5 per day. I'm on a weighy loss diet. But I don't think I am starving myself. I eat quite well for being on a diet.. just last night I went to 188 and they forced me to take 3 units. Within 30 minutes I dropped 71 points. They gave ice cream to eat to stop the drop. It worked....Thank God.,.. I was already starting into hypoglycemia hell She saved me...well James did too, he actually guessed it. These drops have been. going on since the beginning of my diabetes.. wish I could answe ,more. Hugs VL"