Like "Hello Valentine Lady: Sorry to hear you are having this kind of trouble and pure misery. By definition what you described is what most of us are deathly afraid. The question becomes, WHAT caused it. And there is no insulin on the planet administered by normal means which can cause a hundred and twenty point drop in "seconds". If it did so, this board would be empty because all of us would either be in Critical Care Units or simply dead. That being said, clearly something happened such that you crashed and burned in terms of your blood sugar. The scenario you describe sounds like you were in a severe free fall situation. You got a number, were content and kept doing what you were doing. The only problem, that single moment in time was only that, a single second, in which you were that particular reading. Meters are not venous blood draws which would give us real time readings. Had you taken readings in five minute intervals say thirty minutes before dinner, and every five minutes from the 130 reading which you did get, its certain you'd get a line graph that would head straight down. How many times have you had this experience before? One time is scary enough. More than once gives you a pattern(s) to study. You might well be able to figure it out, if we hit the right channel, get the right hints. More likely, its going to take some blood work, and a bunch of tests to make certain other things are not causing/helping the issue to happen. Lets try a couple things see if any of them whisper, hint what could be happening? 1) More protein THROUGHOUT the day. Every couple hours, protein rich foods ? See how you feel doing that for a couple weeks. 2) What is your calculation of the carbs you are eating in a day? How many are we talking in total? If you're not eating enough food, your body will do all kinds of things to prevent (or over react) to the starvation it perceives. Rightly or wrongly, it may believe you are literally starving. 3) There any patterns, common aspects, events/pieces you can identify between this latest episode and "previous" one(s)? Events are rarely entirely random, or haphazard. Unconscious would tend to be a CLEAR indication you were NOT making up anything. How you got there could be a debate, but the reading of 32 from 115 seems pretty clean tangible evidence something bad happened. Who took these readings? What kind of machine was used? Had it been calibrated recently? Was it particularly cold, wet where the reading was taken. Did they use alcohol before getting that 115 reading. Alcohol can skew the numbers, and hasn't been protocol for a very long time. Fear is a creature you MUST NOT FEED. Feed it, and it will grow. You have a math problem here, lets figure out how to prevent it again. Are such events becoming daily? Weekly? How often are they happening?"