Like "These things have been around for years. Someone always have them at Craft/Holiday Fairs. I have seen them with soup fixings, dry salad fixings, cookie mix, brownie mix, and many other things. I have seen them with small bottles of nail polish, nail polish remover and cotton balls. Small purse items and Leggos, Hot Wheels and Trading cards. One of my favorites was small body wash, body spray, hand lotion and a bath scrunchie. The best one so far is the Pickle in the Jar. The Pickle is a Christmas tree ornament. It is hidden somewhere in the tree. The first kid that finds it gets a special Christmas Present. I think the Pickle is a German Tradition. I would never do a Diabetic Themed ones for my family and friends. That is not the kind of things they would want to get. It would be best to find out what the person's favorite thing is and work from there. Depending on how many you make this could be expensive to do. We have a business license and could get much of the things I would need at wholesale prices."