Like "Vensa has great guides for you to go with. Your educator will help you figure things out. I would agree, that more testing is a good idea. Specially when you are just starting out. It shows you a lot of information. Also, if you keep a journal of it, that also helps a lot. That will show patterns in your body that will give you insight to what yours does. We are all so different when it comes to what our bodies will tolerate. There are a couple of good places to find your portion controls. is one used by many members here. I have a book by the American Diabetes Association that lists all the nutritional values of all kinds of foods, specially things that don't have labels like fruits and veggies. Getting your carb count down is a good thing, and these books and websites will help you do that. A general rule is that you keep your meals 30-60 carbs and your snacks about 15. The daily goal is 120-150. But as you start to count (this is why a journal will help) You may find this is too much, of if you are very active, not enough. The numbers you are having now sound very good. Testing right before a meal and then 2 hours after will show you how your meal affected your levels and will teach you what kind of carbs or meals to avoid or use in your menu plan."