Like "Hi Nea, glad to meet you and congratulations on the we. ht loss. I agree with you, it is a hard battle, but you have to fight. I am on b the Atkins diet. I eat lots of protein about 8 oz. per-day. Salads veggies ( lots of veggies) fresh fruit, which I have to be very careful with the ones I eat, some make my BG go up sky high. Then some dairy. I don't buy Atkins diet foods except for the protein bars. Their real good and help with any cravings I might get. When I've lost the weight (I have 60 lbs to on go) then I will adopt eating like my boyfriend does. It will help to keep the weight at a healthy weight. If you would like a copy of that eating plan email, jayabee52. James will be happy to share. He. Lost 65lbs. On it and had too fix it so he could stabilize. Hope I've been of some help. Keep me posted. Peggy"