Like "It appears that you are not letting diabetes control your life, you are not being responsible for your life or your health. You can keep drinking the coke and slowly do more harm than good or you can stop drinking it cold turkey. I have never had a 200-400 BS since a month after being diagnosed. You have a choice to make, you can call it cheating all you want but the end result is that you are going to damage organs and this will only complicate your problems. Diabetes is not a game that you are playing it will win and it will kill you. I am a T2 I am not on any kind of insulin and take 500 metformin a day. My BS runs between 80-120 and I eat what I want to eat. If I want some things I test before eating it. If my BS is at 120 I won't have cake, pie or cookies. So if you want my thoughts, you need to take this seriously and get your act together or diabetes is going to be the least of your problems. You can lose your vision, your limbs and your organs are going to slowly be affected. The choice is yours you can continue down the path you are on or you can become a responsible diabetic. "