Like "Howdy Anon WELCOME to DC! I know it is hard to watch someone you love so much get into a state of denial. There are limits to what you can do in such a situation. You could give him an ultimatum, like my 1st wife did when she called me into the Pastor's office one Saturday (we were cleaning the church) and threaten to divorce me if I didn't take my medicine (Metformin) and take better care of my Type 2. Of course that depends on how strong your hubby's motivation is regarding staying married. It got me moving the right direction, 'cause I wanted to stay married to the lady. (she did divorce me a few years later over another issue in out lives) Another tactic you could use to get him to see the seriousness of this situation is to start something romantic with him and just ask him to take better care of his diabetes. You'd like to continue to enjoy one another and you are fearful that if he doesn't take care of himself, that enjoyment of one another will be cut shorter than it should be. Another way might be to ask if his will is up to date, as he may be needing it sooner rather than later. It is however, ultimately up to him to take care of himself, and one cannot force another to self care without their will. I pray he sees the light, sooner rather than later. James "