Like "Thank you for responding. I got a response from Amer Diabetes Assoc. and didn't get any information on a support group near me, just a phone # of an office in SLC. That's ok...too far to go tho we went that far to meet our newest Grt grand daughter on Sunday. I guess I'll ask Dr about that or a Diabetes educator. I asked my Dr if I could have 4, 30mg Cymbaltas instead of 3 for fibro and depression which I've had for many years. She said she was uncomfortable with that (never has been before)and said She could set me up with a psychiatrist. I panicked and said never mind. It may be because of taking Nuerontin and she still thinks I take 400mgs but I don't. I cut down to 100. It has helped with shooting pains in hands, numbness and even the itching on my ankles and rash....but taking too much at night makes me very sleepy in the morning. At an office visit the nurse types away but I don't think gets everything. So, things are kinda mixed up. I actually did take 2/60 mgs of Cymbalta , one AM, one Pm, at one time and when I thought I might need more, it got lowered. That has happened with other meds.too. All of a sudden I got 2 doses of Ziac when it's always been one so I tested the results, ok with one. I take Norvasc at night. After some wrangling with Ins I've been allowed Nuvigil and take 1/2 a tablet when needed for day sleepiness. It helps with depression too so that'll have to do. Depression sneaks up on me and so hard to explain. I'm required to have a physical soon so I'm going to get the meds straightened out then. ....writing it out myself. Too many things to deal with. I have a sleep Dr too but I just can't stand the CPAP mask and I've tried plenty. The wheeze, whoosh and whistle doesn't help me sleep. Even waking my husband up. . I've had 3 overnight tests and I have severe obobstructive apnea. But still sleep better without it. It was supposed to relieve fatigue. It hasn't in all the years I've had one. Thanks again for answering. "