Like "I never experienced a sense if loss when I was diagnosed. I am a person with diabetes. I also don't stress out over what my Arc is any more than I care who knows I am diabetic. My life does not revolve around being a diabetic. It revolves around doing things I enjoy., being as healthy and happy as possible. If you think it often enough you begin to believe over time you become what you believe. If you think you suffered a loss when diagnosed or stress out because your Arc isn't what you thought it should be and then add depression to it, you become an unhappy depressive person. I am stronger and bigger than that. I a positive out look on life. I don't worry about a cure. It may or may not happen in my lifetime. I don't spend time discussing diabetes with family and friends who are diabetic. We have to many other .things to talk a out and do. I control my diabetes it does not control me. I have diabetes it does not have me. Life is too short to spend it I in denial or grief because I got diagnosed. I house to live and enjoy life."