Like "Hey Grandmama! So good to hear from you. I am glad you have the support group for you and your husband, along with his supportive doctor. That's great. I hope you find groups for diabetes and fibro. That is such a heartbreaking story about your daughter. Very sad! I think each person is unique in terms of how much the want to talk about their condition and who they want to talk to about it. Sometimes, patients open up to professionals but feel they need to be strong for their families. I respect their decision, but always encourage people to have some kind of safe place to talk. I think showing emotion, and getting support, can be a very brave thing to do. It is my experience that, with antidepressants, people don't experience the highs or the lows of emotions. The medication keeps them more even. So they may feel less emotional. Thanks for sharing this, my friend. Gary "