Like "My Dr is open to talking about emotions and I like that but the scheduling of appts makes it almost impossible to have much time to do so. My husbands Dr for his Parkinson's is open to talking anytime tho it hasn't been necessary. We go to a support group which helps. I wish there was one for Diabetes or Fibromyalgia around here. I'm checking it out. Conversely our daughter who was going thru Chemo for breast cancer for 4 years,plus surgery and radiation did not want a support group but her Dr gave her a lot of time to talk, as did nurses. I wasn't able to give that to her and I don't think she wanted to give in to it so I didn't press the issue. We were with she and her family to help keep them on an even keel....for 1/2 years. Strength is what she wanted to show her girls. She died with us there in 2006 at 41. I think we all need it but some back off, not wanting to whine about their conditions or being afraid to let go of emotions as I am.....even when she died, and when my mom died years before that. I just don't show emotion fearing it will be wrong. I am feeling like the antidepressants I take dry up my emotions. What do you think? "