Like "Landa61, I hope you got your glucose meter, tests strips and lancets already. Basically you want to stay between 80-120mg/DL. Anything too low might give you the shakes, nervousness, fatigue, headaches and intense sweating to name a few symptoms. Anything lower than 140mg/DL does not damage your cells. That is the mark you want to be at. Your peak BS should be checked before each meal and 2 hours after. If you eat heavy fatty meats this could delay the absorption rate up to 4 hours. On the low end you don't want to get below 70mg/DL. That or lower should tell you to eat or drink something. In an emergency you want something that will get into the bloodstream as fast as possible. So high GI items are OK. Generally you want to go with 15 carbs every 15 minutes. So check your BS levels after 15 minutes and if you are still too low take another 15 carbs. This could be sugar pills, candy or juice. Now to avoid low blood sugar levels you need to eat regularly. Also you can't get rid of all carbs because then you will crash for sure. So try to eat meals 4-5 hours apart. In between have two snacks. One at brunch time and another before dinner. Eat one last snack ~ 3 hours before you sleep. This helps prevent low blood sugar levels during the longest period your body does not replenish itself with nutrients. Good Luck!"