Like "Thanks for your reply, plumtree. I spoke to my clinical pharmacist this morning and she thought that I went too long without eating which it could be. I thought that it was interesting that Sunday is the only day that I don't exercise so I had not ridden that morning and I ate a larger breakfast than normal (by 20 carbs) and still had this issue. I normally eat breakfast at 7:30am and then have lunch around 1:00pm which is a 6.5 hour break but I was a bit stressed so that might have caused the hypoglycemia. I've decided that I can do one of two things: Make time to go to coffee between Sunday school and the service and have a small snack or carry a bag of nuts in the car so I can grab a handful before heading home (my hubby drives not me). You're right about the exercise and nutrition, I have had to increase my food intake this past month as I was not losing weight because I was eating too little. Once I upped my intake a bit, I started losing again. It is such a fine balance."