Like "Hi guys.. Well, I started first what all you guys suggested. Eat and test my sugar and see what foods made it high or okay.. I grew up on meat and potatoes. (only American food) I never cared for dressing either. So,I love breakfast. Never have eaten breakfast until I got sick in April. I eat 2 pieces of toast (nature own, honey wheat, 19 carbs with cheese (sometimes) but turkey sausage which I love and watermelon and canteloupe. Then if I want pasta, I will eat it during the day. I will eat Dreamfield pasta. (no more than twice a week).. I will eat steak, hamburger (grass fed) pork, chicken,(I will eat a hamburger but no bun and a few french fries.. steak and potato with beans.. At dinner it is usually fish and potato.. I will eat peanuts for snack, sunflower seeds are great.. my favorite is breyer smart carb chocolate ice cream for my snack with a cone!!. I eat plenty of food (tabby) I now eat cherry tic tacs!! yummy.. As a snack.. chips ahoy..but I count the carbs. Sometimes my job doesn't allow me a break or lunch.. So, I will have a pocket of grapes and cookies..or peanut butter with a couple crackers.. but (not the best..) . just to level out the carbs I need. It works for me.. so, I am going to continue.. I eat what I want.. and wish I had started this years ago!!! I drink water and lemonade and orange crystal light with one diet pepsi a day.. Let me know if you have any questions.. and thanks for all your kindness. Remember this is what has worked for me.. thanks!! Mary "