Like "Dexcom is a device that continuously monitors yout blood glucose levels 24/7 Info at You implant (painlessly) a small titanium sensor wire and attach a transmitter to it. It is usually worn on your stomach. It comes with a receiver the size of a small cell phone. You calibrate the receiver with a finger stick and you can monitor you BG levels continuously. Since I have started using it I have NEVER been over 200 and usually can maintain a steady 100-150 by injecting Humalog after eating. I take 45# of Lantus in the morning to give a stable background level. The device is expensive, $1000.- for the receiver and transmitter and $ 40 per week for the injectable sensor which lasts 7 days. After 7 days you have to replace the sensor and start over. My A1C is now steady around 6.5-7.0, well worth the price"