Like "I had a blueberry muffin and 2 boiled eggs with coffee Sunday morning and didn't have a problem after eating it. On Sundays, I vend at a Farmers Market. By the time the car is unloaded, the tent is put up, the tables opened and set up, I can eat whatever I want, I then walk around the market which is about two and a half blocks. I end up having to eat something with sugar again just to keep my blood sugar up because everything we set up has to be taken down and that burns a lot of energy. I am T2 and eat whatever I want to eat. Today is test day so my fasting blood sugar was 84. I had a slice of toast, scrambled egg, coffee and a small cinnamon roll. Blood sugar 2 hours later was 93. Just took it before lunch and it is 83 after my morning walk around the block twice. Lunch will be Tuna Sandwich with Iced Tea and a two Oreos. Don't know what is for dinner yet. I am so glad I can eat what ever I want to eat as long as it is with reason. I am going to eat dinner then go shopping by the time I get back I will have a Candy Bar. Have not had one in 3 months. That will be my treat for the evening and I will more than likely be outside walking up and down the block talking to neighbors so I know my blood sugar might not get to 100 today. "