Like "You seem to be in 'ditto' same boat as i am. I was recently diagnosed Type 2. I am not over weight ,eat pretty well ,no family history and have a weekly exercise routine. Two months ago when i went for my routine check up this year, my A1C was 6.1. I am not yet on medication and will be going for my test again in about a month. But below is what I have been doing and has helped me because my body tells me so. 1. I do not eat anything after 7:00 pm. 2. I took myself off 'white sugar, white rice, white bread etc.. 3. I got myself a blood glucose monitor. 4. I check my fasting blood sugar every morning which sets the tone for my diet for that day. It is usually 90-95. And an occasional 101. 5. I make sure i work out after sometime of having my dinner and go to sleep slightly hungry. 6. I drink plenty of water. I will do my level best and then let the doctor decide.My next visit to the doctor will tell me if my efforts have paid off. I will keep you posted. Good luck and all the best. V"