Like "I had them about 20 years ago. I had biofeedback and relaxation therapy. I stopped having them when I got tired of being depressed. It helps if you face problems head on instead of letting things get to the point that you can't control things going on in your life. I have a friend that has them frequently but she is afraid of everything. I told her to grow up and stop acting like a two year old. I told her if she is in her house and sees a neighbor walking a dog, how is the dog going to hurt her. I asked her if she is on a plane what makes her think it is going to crash. I also asked her why is she so afraid of the unknown. She doesn't have them when I get on her nerves and I get on her nerves deliberately just so she doesn't have them. She has not figured that out yet. The best thing to do is talk to your doctor and a psychologist. You could have subconscious problems that have not come to the top and sometimes talking to someone can bring them on and you can deal with them with professional help. Good luck and glad you feel better. "