Like "As a type 2 I am not waiting for a cure ... I am working hard on reversing it. I realize that is not an option for you. I am sympathetic to your issue as I have a niece that I love very much that has been type 1 virtually all her life (she's now 40). I am not a supporter of big pharma. I understand that their main motivation is profit (in fact publicly held corporations are mandated by law to "maximize shareholder value"), Also not a fan of the diabetes "establishment" and have been vocally critical of the ADA's recommendations concerning type 2 management. So we are pretty much on the same side on this (other than the hidden cure) While I can't give you facts that something does not exist., you have merely provided a theory as to a possible motive, not facts proving the existence of a cure and the ensuing cover up. ... and I was not making fun of you son ... I was merely attempting to inject a little humor into a serious subject. I encourage you to continue to question everything, refuse to accept the easy answers and pursue the truth. ... and I applaud your passion."