Like "Thanks for the reply JB. Maybe you're right... It is very hard to not be cynical in regards to this issue. Of course I've researched them on BBB, but I've personally worked for companies that have A+ ratings that were purely self-interested companies. I have no doubt that the funds are going to where they say they are going- into research for diabetic products/supplies. As for them making more money off of selling a cure, that is ridiculous. Insulin is the least elastic product in the world- meaning that no matter how much the price is adjusted the demand will stay the same. That being said, the residual income for these products is unmatchable. And its guaranteed forever. Big pharma companies have no incentive to donate to a company actively searching for a cure, but they do have an incentive to fund a company that is an authority on research and will say they have the best products. They WILL go out of business if a cure is released. All I'm saying is that maybe we should be verifying more and trusting these companies less. And we shouldn't blindly trust these companies after doing 5 minutes of research on their business credibility. "