Like "My advice is to become aware of the carbohydrates in everything that you put into your mouth. Read the food labels and look at the serving sizes and "Total Carbs", not just the sugars. Carbohydrates are what primarily cause your blood sugars to rise. There are foods with empty carbs (e.g. candy, cookies, cakes) and there are foods with better carbs (e.g. fruit, veggies, peanut butter.) Invest in a book or an app that gives the food's carb value by serving size. There are also many guides on-line. "Calorie King" is a good one but there are many may wish to check your local public library to see if you like one book better than another. All natural peanut butter (just peanuts and salt) is a staple for me with 6 grams of carb per 2 tbsp. My lunch each day is an apple with 4 tbsp of peanut butter. Because apples vary greatly in size, the carbs can range from 25 grams to 35+ grams per apple. I have a digital nutrition scale that allows me to weigh the apple, put in the food code for apples and gives me the carbs in that particular apple. Most meats and fish (not processed) have low or no carbs. Beware of any processed foods like the imitation crab-meat and imitation lobster meat...they have way more carbs that the real stuff. Beware of anything labelled Lite or low-fat...they usually have more carbs than the regular versions of the same food...just compare regular salad dressing with it's low-fat counterpart. Hope this helps!"