Like "I just wish they'd have returned to me the tax monies I contributed, rather than entrusting my money to the politicians who have a rather poor record in the spending department. Let us, the consumers put the money back into the economy by letting us spend it on the things that we need. The governor of Michigan is going to put the majority of our cut of the stimulus package into repairing our roads. We won't have the money to afford to drive our cars or for that matter to own a car, but we will have roads to use if we ever get a car. She says it will create 5,000 construction jobs. If any one of you know anything about the construction industry, they are the modern day nomads and move from state to state following employment. So some or maybe even most will be from other states. The more we depend on the government the more we move toward becoming a socialist state, and we all know that socialism has never worked and will never work."