Like "I am addicted to this feed! As a refresher - I suffered with migraines, hypoglycemic seizures, extreme moodiness, depression, social anxiety, fatigue, rapid on-set REM, narcolepsy (very mild), and a variety of other mental issues that resulted in ZERO social relationships. My husband and my kids were the only people I could tolerate and that could tolerate me. I started juicing and avoiding gluten and sugars / carbs...and changed a few other things in my diet- and have had AMAZING results. After talking to my mother-in-law...who is severely bi-polar, she implemented some dietary changes (basically a hypoglycemic diet) and has changed for the better. I had the first conversation with her (in 17 years), and my husband talked to her for the third time in his life after she started this. Candida diet - it's on-line everywhere. But, "they" are finding that Candida (yeast / fungus / mold) is in our systems from meat (antibiotics fed to animals), sugar, gluten, grains, wheat, certain nuts, dairy, our own antibiotic rx...the list goes on and on. I can't describe to you all the changes that this has made in my life. Please just look up Candida - there are tons of great videos and research. Of course, everyone is different, and everyone is affected differently - but this was my major health problem! Apparently, our hypothalamus is regulated by blood sugar - the hypothalamus regulates hunger, thirst, moods, relationship behaviors, parenting behaviors, sleep patterns, etc. So...after doing research on how blood sugar affects the hypothalamus, and how Candida affects blood sugar and our body...I was convinced. Seriously, I can't describe the difference. No one should live in a fog, suffering, depressed, or in pain (mental or physical). I know this isn't everyone's problem - but if I could just help one person...I would feel blessed."