Like "The one that came to mine for me was one I had heard about a few years ago, the HCG Diet with the book by Kevin Trudeau 'The Weight Loss Cure 'They' Don't Want You to Know About'. Tucked into the claims of a true weight loss cure (that was discovered in the 50's and suppressed by big pharma) was the claim that this cure would also cure those with diabetes. It wasn't marketed that way, but it was in the book (yes, I read it) and many people that read it believed that it really would cure their diabetes. However it's hard to follow a 'diet plan' that is meant to work only when you are receiving HCG injections daily. Especially if you're care provider doesn't agree with the treatment. I believe that the author has been repeatedly fined as a fraud and con-artist and was recently sent to prison as a result of unpaid fines for those convictions. Unfortunately I think he's only one of many, many frauds that capitalize on people's fears and laziness. "