Like "Speaking about a low-carb diet and preventing chronic diseases like diabetis 2, look at this recommendation from Linus Pauling Institute (LPI) in conjunction with Oregon State University: If we followed their advice and ate SIX servings of GRAINS, we would have no place for other food!!! I am a member of this Institute and they sent me a printed version of this FOOD PIE. I am going to cancel my membership based on this pie!!! LPI's pie is and example of SAD (Standard American Diet). Because of these plant based foods AKA carbs, we have so many health problems... Such a prestigious organization and such a poor understanding of what carbs can do to a healthy person---make him sick! LPI's pie is an improvement comparing to the official new food pie by FDA: that does not have any fats and it shows MORE than 100% (see that little diary circle?). Also, FDA's pie mixed the terms. Either we use proteins, fats and carbs or meats, veggies, fruits, etc... Both pies recommend about 75% (by weight, I guess) of carbs as daily intake... WRONG!!! Too much!"