Like "And as we age, we are the perfect example of "seniors" {who, me?} being overmedicated. However, 1. synthroid (Hashimotos goiter) at 40 2. HBP at I foget when 3. followed closely by Atenolol 4. followed really closely by water pill We are finally happy with my BP!! yea! 5. Statin a couple of years later (I've always had slightly bad #s that got worse) 6. BINGO! the big D at 57 = insulin & the low dose aspirin (which is researched to be better if taken at night. I think I read that here somewhere.) Actually, low dose is usually for anyone at risk for heart disease. I know people taking it that don't have diabetes, it's just that diabetics are at higher risk, especially if you already have high BP. I probably should have been ordered to take it when I went on the BP meds. 7. RA AND gout at 58 - 3 more prescriptions. 8. One more prescription beacuse they don't want to me take ibuprofin or anything for any pain (kidneys)- whooppe, I get Vicodin! After entering MEN-O-PAUSE, the migraines that I suffered with since age 12 went away!!!! the old man says I still have the PMS blues, though. Konck on wood, I feel better (without side effects) with the addition of each med! go figure. I consider myself very fortunate. BTW, if you or your spousal person are employed, find out from your HR person if you can participate in Section 125, otherwise known as Flexible Spending Account. A set amount of $ is deducted, before taxes, from your paycheck & deposited into an account that you draw from to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses (like any co-pays). Take care! Gay"