Like "In my own personal opinion, no one has to respect your diet. You are the only one responsible for it. Just because you think of everyone's dietary need does not mean that they are going to think of yours. I would rather appreciate being with my friends and family than be concerned about the food being served. I do not ask my friends or family to prepare special foods for me when I am invited to have a meal with them in their homes. I was raised that when invited to someones home you eat what is served even if it is the worse food you have ever tasted and thank them. You are making an issue about your diet which no one seems to care about but you so maybe you are old and The way I see it is, you should be grateful that you have people who want to spend time with you because not too many people have that. since you go out to eat occasionally, eat the foods you can eat, keep your mouth closed about your diet and have fun. It is not going to kill you to not eat the food you would prepare for yourself. I can eat what I want to eat in moderation so If I went to dinner at a friends house and they have veggies, bbq, mac and cheese, potato salad, dinner rolls and chocolate cake for dessert, I will eat the mainly veggies and meat, stick my fork in the mac and cheese and eat what sticks to the fork, a teaspoon of potato salad and a small slice of cake and spend time visiting instead of spending time thinking no one respects my diet. After all friends and family are far more important to me than my diet when we are out together. It is only one day and deviating from my diet is not going to kill me. "