Like "Howdy Mrs C I was gonna agree with Gabby, but I noted that you also lost that 20 lbs of fluid. However, It still might be good to get yourself seen ASAP and not wait, especially if the water weight gain comes .back. I am on dialysis myself and one of the meds I expect will be Dc'd will be the potassium. Those of us with CKD should eat a meal plan that is low on sodium, phosphorus and potassium. You can google low sodium, low phosphorus, and low potassium foods and find lists of foods to avoid. You also may be asked to restrict your fluid intake. Another thing you may be asked to avoid is colas and Dr Pepper like drinks. That is due to the Phosporic Acid content of those drinks. You may also wish to look at Davita at ~ and Fresenius ~ The two biggest CKD and dialysis providers in the USA. Sorry it looks to me as if your CKD just escalated to a new level. Of course I am unable to Dx your condition. Only your Dr can do that. I am merely a fellow sufferer. To me, it seems as though my diabetes has taken a back seat to my kidney dialysis. But should you do what your Renal specialist tells you, and you follow a CKD style meal plan, you may yet conserve some kidney function and extend the time till you will need to choose between hemo dialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Oh and it would be important to know what your GFR rate and your creatine levels are, once you get your bloodwork done. You can also ask the Renal specialist, at what stage is your CKD. That will tell you roughly about how long you have until dialysis of some kind. You may also wish to look at my discussion of what I go through when I go in for hemodialysis treatments ~ The following is from the DC search engine on dialysis in general ~ Praying God's best for you and yours James "