Like "I realize Type 2 in children is rare but every warning I read says due to obesity in children Type 2 is becoming more and more common, now, yes, my daughter is overweight for her age and yes, she has Type 2, but it was not the weight that was the cause, I wonder if sometimes its just easier to label it as a weight issue then to really find out what caused it, had her Thyroid not gone out first would the auto-immune tests been ran on her if she was just overweight and diabetic? Sadly I almost feel lucky that the Thyroid was the first to go just because I'm not so sure we'd have been taken seriously when voicing concerns about diabetes, especially when she had 2 possible strikes against her, genetics and ethnicity. Regardless, someone needs to write books that not only adults can understand but also the Type 2 children. We have a few books with general information but they all lead into children with Type 1, please don't think I'm saying that's not important, it is and I'm glad there are a variety of resources for Type 1 children, I just hope there are hot off the presses books for Type 2 coming soon. I also hope they cover all aspects of why children get Type 2 NOT just because of the fact they are overweight children."