Like "HI! glad I found you guys! As for telling lies to my doctors... heck, I can't get them to listen. I have gone through major guilt trips prior to visits, but still wanted to tell the truth. To no avail, they adjust my insulin when I tell them I'm stressed and not eating right. Or one offered me precose to slow my digestion "since you won't keep your eating under control." But, didn't explain anything regarding how that made a difference with insulin as I have IDDM. I really want to get a handle on my own self. Which is why I'm here with you guys. Because I've yet to meet an insulin dependent diabetic who keeps a 5 or 6 on their A1c, though my doctors tell me indeed they are out there and more or less I'm the odd girl out. I'm sick of being chastised for being honest. And, I'm tired of being told the same old recitations about my eyes and feet and kidneys etc... I know these things. I'm asking for help. I just don't think any of my doctors know what to say outside of a written script. So, lies... no, no lies. Avoiding the doctor until I'm almost out of meds... yes!!!"