Like "Howdy hoosierphilly I use it occasionally when I need something like that to sweeten a drink. (I usually drink water out of a filtered bottle due to my kidney issues). I originally bought it searching (I found it through another discussion on DC) for something for my (now late) wife that she could stomach. We had tried all kinds of artificial and natural sweeteners for our tea we drank. She had difficulties with each we tried except for Whey Low. (I had no troubles with any of it except "splenda" - sucralose) We finished the bag we had ordered, and ordered about 25 lbs of Whey low and not long after my wife passed from this life. So now I have about 20 lbs in my cupboard and I have changed my drinking habits and no longer drink tea or coffee so I rarely use it anymore. I am a bit concerned now about the presence of fructose in it now because I have heard some bad news about the use of a lot of fructose in ones eating plan. God's best to you and yours James Baker"