Like "Howdy Kay This is what worked for me ~ I used that meal plan to be able to discontinue my use of NPH insulin. I managed to keep my Blood Glucose (BG) within the normal range, had an A1c of 5.5 and lost about 65 lbs in 5 mo. Eventually I noticed that I was looking too gaunt, so I added some fat to my meal plan to give me some calories so I if I would get sick, I'd have a little extra from which to draw. Your mention of multigrain rice cakes (if they're multigrain are the really rice cakes? LoL) reminds me of what I thought and did when first Dx'd. My Dr put me on metformin and told me to "at light" So I thought, what is lighter than a rice or popcorn cake. So for the first month I ate rice cakes and popcorn cakes. Couldn't understand why my BG levels weren't coming down all that much. Come to find out that the rice cakes were spiking my BG levels. I stopped the rice cakes and things started going the right way. God's best to you and yours James"