Like "Kaydoo you may need to see a nutritionist to help you come up with a meal plan and snacks that you can follow. Exercising and relaxation helps. Stress and frustration can effect your blood sugar. I do not eat rice cakes. I will eat rice now and then but I know it will spike me. You should be eating full meals. I bake, grill or broil meats to have with dinner. I add veggies and a starch that isn't going to spike me. Fruits contain natural sugar so you still have to watch them. If you are having trouble with gaining control, talk to your doctor. There are no quick fixes. It took me about a month and a half to get my blood sugar down from 200 to 120 and maintain it. To do that, I ate complete meals and snacks. I rarely eat salads and hummus. To get it down, I weighed and measured everything I ate and then walked. I no longer do that because I am to the point of maintaining my blood sugar and eat whatever I want in moderation."