Like "Trudie, they think they are blind and deaf also. I agree, we older people didn't get where we got with our heads buried in the sand. We lived in a real world and nothing was viewed through rose colored glasses. I grew up in the city and we had a wood stove and a gas stove in out kitchen. We would get coal delivered in our basement. My grandmother taught me how to make toast on the wood stove. My mother would make soup and other dishes on the wood stove to keep it warm. We went to church on Sunday and we learned to respect our elders. I remember visiting relatives in the county and not wanting to go to the bathroom because it was outside. We had to get up in the morning and prime the pump so we could have water. I was so glad when they got running water and septic tanks. If you take half the young people today and put them on a farm they would not make it two weeks."